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We are often asked for tips and ideas on personal security.  Sometimes the answers can be simple and do not require any cost other than taking a fresh look at the way we do things.  

From time to time we will be adding new articles, News and Information to this page to assist your search for the right solutions for you. 

We hope you find them helpful.     

How can technology help you in reducing crime?

The article below was comissioned to be included in a crime prevention publication and is a distilation of various other material and articles re-edited especially for this web site.

The role of Technology in Crime prevention - With particular focus on residential, domestic and personal security:

It’s a sign of the times.  That’s what they said about the high level of crime during the 1930’s depression and now again over 80 years later the recent recession threatens our very way of life. 

But all is not the same:

In the early 20th century the best deterrent to Criminal attack and violation of personal property was probably a Man and a Dog?   However, no matter how good our canine friends might be as a deterrent, with the advent of today’s technology we have a wider scope and capability now than ever before to deter and contain crime.  This time it is not at all the same. >>>


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21st Century Security - Technology in crime prevention


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