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..."The secret is to become a non target"...

There have been four key areas of creative development which have particularly assisted the fast track establishment of Security and crime prevention technology:

Firstly, the creation of the internet and internet protocol (ip); Secondly, creation and development of games and digital play systems eg Xbox, Wii etc. Third, The development of mobile telephone systems and Fourth the exponential development of military applications.   This has resulted in significant improvements in technology and substantial reductions in cost – eg: Only 30 years ago the early portable telephones were the size of a hard back book and often required separate power sources.  Now they include personal organisers, music centres, internet access and telephone features in a self powered device smaller than the palm of a hand.

In addition to the effective employment of technology in home and personal security it is of major importance to develop a security awareness.  Not just avoiding the disposal of personal information, letters etc. in household rubbish which could be intercepted by others, but also bearing in mind that how you dispose of wrapping or transit containers, boxes etc for high value items can also lead others to see your hope or person as a target.  If you must dispose of waste at your home then crush boxes, remove any personal identification such as your name or address and then hide this in with other household rubbish.  If you wish to separate cardboard and be a responsible recycler then why not take this to a common tip where you can anonymously deposit them.

Violation of your personal being or home can be a terrifying experience.  Hopefully you will never have experienced this but if you have, you will know that the feeling of others going through your possessions leaves  lasting horrors.  Not least of which because you just don’t know what they have seen or take which could be sold on or passed to others who may use it in the future.  It is also true that once a home has been entered by criminals once it is more likely to be a target in the future.  Lightning really does strike again in the same place!!

So it is important to keep them out in the first place.  Deterrence has to be the best policy and today’s technology can play an important role on assisting your vigilance in this respect.

The risk to personal safety, especially where there are remote lanes and pathways, sheds and garden areas hidden from view can also be greatly reduced with the application of simple Technological deterrents eg: Movement sensitive lighting and CCTV.

It is also important to note changes in the nature of crime to personal dwellings and persons in recent  years.  At one time someone capable of committing criminal entry to a private home would draw the line at personal violence and run rather that attach when confronted by a resident or owner.   Not so today.  There have been many instances in recent years which indicate a falling away of any moral barrier to violence which has resulted in many cases of personal injury and even murder. 

These are too numerous to mention but a couple which have recently been in the press are the case of the Farmer who was mown down in his own drive way by escaping criminals and the case of the ex military man who was knifed on his doorstep to gain access to his home.  It is possible that in many such cases the incidence of drugs either active in the system of the criminal at the time of the crime or as a motivating factor in the undertaking of the crime to “feed a habit” adds a new dimension of fear and lack of inhibition to the threat.  Remember, they have little or no remorse.  Don’t fall into the trap of imagining that they share your values.

Bearing these risks in mind it is essential to take all necessary steps to deter any criminal attack or violation.   There is technology available which can help greatly to reduce the threat and make a statement in no uncertain terms – not me, not in my Home, not in my back yard.

The secret is to become a non target to reduce the threat and increase the risk of detection and conviction.

The 2009/2010 British Crime Survey “Crime in England and Wales – Trends in Household crime “ shows increasing use of home security devices over this period and that these are associated with reduced risk of victimisation.

For example, the 2009/10 BCS shows that households with ‘less than basic’
home security measures were six times more likely to have been victims of burglary
than households with ‘basic’ security and ten times more likely than households with ‘enhanced’ home security measures.

The government believes CCTV deters 'opportunistic' crime, where people take advantage of a situation on the spur of the moment. Phillip Edwards from the Home Office Crime Prevention Unit said the government is using CCTV as part of a long term plan to reduce overall crime:

"Today's opportunist is tomorrow's professional criminal. If we decrease the number of opportunities for easy crime, we can reduce the number of people becoming professional criminals". - Phillip Edwards

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