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Schools, Businesses, Householders, Communities & Estates can now employ the latest 360 degree technology for prevention of crime through integration of the right lighting, movement sensitive CCTV and software. Sunstone Technology enables an intruders movements to be easily tracked through several cameras, linked together in one recorded programme of images.

Now, with the advent of ip (internet protocol) technology, development of a new breed of Mega Pixel camera combined with 360 degree imaging, live and post event zoom to provide conviction quality images and intruder tracking software, CCTV has been re-born:

The result is reliable easy to use technology with quality real time viewing, drill capability to see into live and recorded images after the event and easy capture and copy of conviction quality (in most cases) images for sharing with the right authorities.  – Why buy something out of date?  Sxicom Sunstone supplies and installs only the latest in True Digital IP CCTV Security:

Sxicom HiPix ip CCTV: < You can Download a single page introduction here.

The Sxicom Sunstone team has wide and comprehensive experience in the world of Networked IT and Digital IP CCTV Security, both in the UK and Internationally.   Our Digital High Megapixel IP Security CCTV systems can start as small as four cameras and grow to any size (one camera at a time if required) without the need for any significant changes to the server system – you just add cameras as and when you need them!

Many groups, organisations and communities have successfully installed and benefit from our Sxicom  Sunstone HiPix Digital IP CCTV Security systems including Independent and Public sector Schools, Villages, Colleges, Housing Associations, Private Communities, Businesses, Estates, Hotels, Farms, General offices, The Motor Trad, Golf Clubs and many others. 

Example ip CCTV Camera Location proposal

ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition can provide a very effective deterrent and access monitoring.  In the first instance, its presence can discourage the access of unwanted vehicles by signage and visual display to the driver eg: “The Westland Community welcomes GR52 SXI” and also provide valuable data for follow up as required.   
As a vehicle approaches the camera the software takes and stores a series of images. When the number plate is of sufficient size the image is scanned and the registration number is converted to code and held in a list. This continues for a series of images according to the speed and position of the vehicle ensuring that the optimum view of the license plate is achieved.

"Today's opportunist is tomorrow's professional criminal. If we decrease the number of opportunities for easy crime, we can reduce the number of people becoming professional criminals". - Phillip Edwards

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